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A quick comic for Puck’s CoolKid AU!

author: he had dark hair, dark eyes, and spoke fluent afrikaans
fandom: *draws white guy*
author: he had delicate skin as dark as the night
fandom: *draws white guy*
author: her dreadlocks where thick and her skin was dark
fandom: *draws white girl*
author: they had black skin as smooth as-
fandom: *draws white guy*
author: they're black, they are literally black, they are not white, seriously. they are black.
fandom: ....
fandom: *draws white guy*

Total Drama Meme | [1/15] Favourite Characters » Heather



"You are a beautiful and wonderful young woman, and when Mr. Vantas realizes it, I hope you will have moved on to greener pastures." 

Originally I just sketched the last picture, and then sketch nine more to go with it because Meowrails kissing deserves some context >:U

This makes me so happy everytime i see this


he doesnt even have any LEGS


I’m very very late ! ê___ê’

Here some pics of my children book”The little Red Wolf” ! :>

Now available in french bookstore and on amazon (the picture of the book on amazon is very very ugly but the book look really better for real…ù__ù) !

(Pretty photos of the book by Jonathan Garnier : )


hey, you wanna ditch this jazz?


So ready for the first annual LeakyCon vs. HPA quidditch match. BRING IT ON.


My fanart of Pewds!

Instagram: Midorri_


Let’s make gymnast Sky a thing


Could you help me out?